We believe our world of work is constantly changing and with autonomic, agile and passionated teams we believe we can react to this changes.

We help teams and organisations successfully self-organise with a clear focus. This leads to happier people expressing their full potential in their jobs which means more quality and higher performance.

Change isn’t easy nor predictable. Therefore, we can be active in every part of your organization to help you with this change.

We have expertises as Coach, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Developer. We use our knowledge in cultures and techniques such as Agile, Lean, Scrum, Kanban, Non Violent Communication, Open Space, etc.

We are Quality Coders

The quality services we offer


Java has been the common thread through our career, building stand-alone real-time applications or complex micro-service architectures. We constantly deliver quality software matching all our clients’ requirements.


You need your own spot on the web or a web application for internal usage? Let us worry about the technical and security details.


Do you already apply the Scrum principles? Or you are eager to start using them? As certified Scrum Master, Product Owner and Coach with an in-depth technical background and several years of experience as Scrum Master / Coach leading different teams, we can help you.

Scrum and agile principles for software project management

Skills and services

Training and Coaching


Scrum is a methodology of planning and communication techniques that emphasize collaboration between developers, the business, the stakeholder and its customers. It involves iterative development, product and sprint backlogs, user stories, daily meetings, follow-up, evaluation and adjustment. One of the techniques we use is XP. Which is an adaptive software engineering methodology that is focused around a core of best practices.

Training and Coaching

Coaching & Training

We have multiple scrum certifications and have multiple years of experience. We can coach your teams or give trainings. Our topics can be for the more technical people like Java, TDD, DDD, everything that a good Agile Developer needs. But we also give Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile coaching courses.

We can help your employees grow, so your teams become high perfomance teams.

Technical Excellence

Technical Excellence

In order to acquire and improve our knowledge and technical skills, we continuously participate in different learning activities. Only by remaining critical of our own capacities we are able to keep up with the rapid changes in software development.

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